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Relationship Difficulties

  • jealousy

  • blaming

  • bullying

  • infidelity

  • violence

  • mistrust

  • weak boundaries

  • rigid boundaries

  • lack of communication

  • manipulation

  • gaslighting

  • narcissistic abuse

Relationship Problems

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Are you experiencing relationships issues or difficulties with your romantic partner, spouse, family member, friend or boss? Do you need support coming to terms with a break-up or ending of some sort?  Do you have trust issues or a habit of self-sabotaging relationships?  We all want relationships full of joy, trust, acceptance rather than annoyance, fear or resentment. It can be very frustrating, disappointing or upsetting when someone fails to meet our expectations.  Stress, poor health, mistrust, having children, lack of communication, bereavement, financial worries or infidelity are just some of the issues that can lead to a rift or breakup in a relationship.  

If you are prone to  allowing others to mistreat you, oversharing personal information, quick to forgive and have difficulty saying no you may have weak boundaries. Or perhaps your boundaries are rigid and you have difficulty trusting people, reluctant to share information, quick to cut people out of your life. Perhaps you are struggling with a significant other who displays narcissistic traits such as entitlement, projection, exploitation, gaslighting, controlling and manipulative behaviour and it is seriously affecting your mental health.  

How can hypnotherapy support relationships? 

Strategies and techniques used alongside hypnotherapy can help you build self-worth and regain your self-confidence. During your sessions we will work to help you identify how past relationships have affected you in the present, move on or identify ways to help you work through problems in current relationships. Whatever your issue, hypnotherapy can be used to help support positive behaviours that support healthy relationships or perhaps simply help you find peace of mind.  
Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can support your relationship issues.
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