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Anxiety Anchor
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Anxiety Symptoms

  • intense feelings of worry or dread

  • headaches

  • mind racing or going blank

  • trembling

  • restlessness

  • irritability

  • avoidance of situations

  • dry mouth

  • sweating

  • rapid heartbeat

  • panic attacks

  • difficulty concentrating

  • stomach aches and nausea

  • muscular aches and pains

  • OCD behaviour or phobic behaviour

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • reduced libido

  • hair loss


Do you often find yourself worrying about what could go wrong instead of what will go right?  Anxiety is a feeling of unease or worry and is a natural reaction to keep us safe. It can prevent us from taking risks such as running across a busy road with fast oncoming traffic.
Stress and mild anxiety invoke similar symptoms and both are generally relieved once the task, problem or change has passed. Anxiety disorders such as generalised anxiety, social anxiety or health anxiety are more severe and longer lasting. The ’fight or flight’ response is the body’s automatic reaction to perceived threats to help us fight or flee from danger. It involves the release of the hormones adrenalin and cortisol. Once the possible danger has passed, body systems will usually return to normal. Someone experiencing a greater level of anxiety will trigger the same body reactions and release of hormones when feeling fearful, worried or nervous about something they believe could possibly happen but because it does not happen, their body systems do not return to normal.  Over exposure to stress and cortisol release, genetics or childhood trauma can predispose someone to developing anxiety. When anxiety is severe the physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms can be extremely debilitating, cause great distress and impinge on our work and relationships. 


How can hypnotherapy help anxiety?
Almost everyone can reach new depths of relaxation and stillness when they experience hypnotherapy. Calming the mind from incessant worrying thoughts makes room for clarity, insights and creative ideas. Hypnotherapy can help motivate you to embrace a healthy diet, exercise regime and quality sleep pattern to increase the level of feel good hormones that can help you feel better.

Strategies and techniques used alongside hypnotherapy may help you learn to feel more confident in situations that previously triggered your anxiety and can help you focus on a better life in your desired future.

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you. 

The Office of National Statistics estimate that the likelihood of some form of anxiety in adults aged 16 and upwards between the dates of 22.09.20 to 3.10.21 is 52,297,127.

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