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Self-Esteem anchor
High Self-Esteem
  • decisive

  • motivated

  • goal-orientated

  • confident

  • open to criticism

Low Self-Esteem
  • indecisiveness

  • self-blaming

  • procrastination

  • perfectionism

  • people pleasing

  • rejecting compliments

  • apologising frequently

  • over-preparing

  • insomnia

  • difficulty concentrating

  • poor boundaries

  • second guessing

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​Is your low self-esteem holding you back?  Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others in terms of ability and income and believe you don’t measure up? Or do you label yourself as too thin, fat, old, unfit, stupid or just not good enough?  Low self-esteem can prevent you from taking a chance on that new relationship, new business idea, career goal or even a new hobby or exercise regime.  It can also hold you back from completing a project or a course of study.  In contrast, people with overly high self-esteem may overestimate their skills and feel entitled to promotions and special treatment from people.  They block ideas of self-improvement because they see themselves as perfect. 

Where confidence is a feeling of competence, self-esteem is what we think of ourselves and how we evaluate that level of competence.  Someone raised by a narcissistic parent will likely have low self-esteem.  If you were never praised as a child, you may have never learned to celebrate your achievements. Perhaps you consider yourself lucky when you do well.  As children, we formed beliefs based on the messages we received or did not receive.  These messages were stored at a subconscious level and became our blueprint as adults that sets the level of how much we respect and value ourselves. 

How can hypnotherapy improve self-esteem?

Hypnotherapy may effectively help you to swap out habitual negative thoughts for positive empowering thoughts by helping you to recall and habitually focus on your strengths and achievements. Behaviours that no longer support you can be identified and changed. Hypnotherapy can also help you to recall feelings of confidence and motivation at will and generally feel good about yourself.  

A combination of hypnotherapy and coaching techniques can help you to realise and actualise your goals and dreams. 

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals.     
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